New images from Magic Mike

A new pair of images have emerged from Channing Tatum’s male stripper movie Magic Mike , in which Tatum and co-star Alex Pettyfer making the most of all that time down the gym.

However, those of a squeamish disposition will be relieved by Tatum’s recent revelation that despite the film’s hard-R certificate, there will be no full-frontal nudity to bother the censors.

Male members aside however, Tatum is convinced there will still be plenty to enjoy from the Steven Soderbergh-directed movie.

“It’s a fun movie,” explains Tatum. “We wrote it to be fun. We actually wrote it very comedically and in knowing Soderbergh’s style, he doesn’t punch in for close-ups and he doesn’t shoot in a very classic comedic way, so I think, overall, it will make it fun. The stuff that is happening is kind of outlandish, the characters at times will be bizarre.”

Meanwhile, fellow cast member Matt Bomer has also had his say on the film, which he compares to both Saturday Night Fever and Boogie Nights .

“It’s actually a really intricate plot,” says Bomer. “It’s of a Saturday Night Fever / Boogie Nights ilk. It’s a coming of age story. The central relationship in the film is Channing and Alex Pettyfer’s relationship. They play Mike and this character called The Kid. It’s a mentorship type of thing. One person is unhappy with where he is and knows that there’s a real ceiling to that lifestyle and that life, and one person is just getting into the whole glorious aspect of what it means to be a stripper.”

Magic Mike will open in the US on 29 June 2012, with a UK release date yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, can you spot the WWE star who's managed to crowbar his way into proceedings? Big Sexy indeed...


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