New GTA IV videos!

If you've tried to visit the newly revamped, content-rich Grand Theft Auto IV official site today, you might have run into some trouble. The new site - which features a virtual tour of the new Liberty City, with a slew of new videos, Flash presentations, screens and a map - apparently doesn't load correctly on some browsers. Never fear! While you're waiting for Rockstar to fix things, you can watch slightly smaller versions of all five videos and four Flash apps right here, each one revealing something new and interesting about the city you'll be able to explore when GTA IV hits stores on April 29. The five videos are below, and you can check out the auto-playing Flash apps over the next few pages.

Meet Manny Escuela:

Visit the Steinway beer garden:

Get acquainted with Roman Bellic. You'll be seeing a lot of him:

Vlad Glebov wants his money:

Whiz Mobile wants to irritate the world: