Bond's new villain gets a henchman

Now that Mathieu Amalric has all but confirmed he’s playing the big villain in the next, as yet untitled Bond movie, he’s naturally had to start hiring some hench-help. We’d say he also needs to start work on that underground volcano lair, but then this is the post-Casino Royale era and that would look silly. Plus, he’d only get the firm contracted to remake Wembley Stadium and it’d never be finished on time…

Still, he’s got himself some backup – Swiss thesp Anatole Taubmann has revealed to TV show Glanz & Gloria that he’s snagged a supporting role. “James Bond - that’s like playing the Champions League. For a European actor, this is like a gold ticket,” he gushed. “There’s nothing better. I’m very happy.”

Accordingly, he now has a poison capsule in his leg that will be triggered if he reveals any real secrets from the movie, but he did mentioned he’d got a personal trainer to be ready to go up against Daniel Craig, and that it’s a pivotal role with plenty of meaty scenes. He’ll shoot from January through June across the world next year…


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