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Tron Legacy director spreads wings with sci-fi Archangel

joseph kosinski

Director Joseph Kosinski has been hired to direct New Regency’s sci-fi thriller Archangel .

The Tron: Legacy filmmaker seems to be sticking with science-fiction after tackling the Tronverse, with his next directing gig expected to be Tom Cruise vehicle Horizons (otherwise known as Oblivion ).

Adam Cozad ( The Gray Man ) has signed on to write the screenplay for Archangel , which will follow a secret unit of the military that hunts down aliens on our planet.

Cozad seems to be just as busy as Kosinski, having also written the script for the upcoming Chris Pine Jack Ryan reboot.

Despite Tron: Legacy not mopping up as much as we all had hoped, there’s no doubting that Kosinski gave it 100% when it came to the film’s visuals.

Let’s hope his future projects have better scripts for him to match that keen eye to.