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Thor frost giants revealed


Thor is edging ever closer to its 2011 release, and thanks to the film’s upcoming toyline, we’ve just gotten our first look at the franchise’s frostbitten baddies.

A snap of the movie’s toyline has revealed the look of the Etins, giants who dwell in Jotunheim - one of the nine worlds in an Asgardian realm - and are forever fighting the Asgard Gods in an attempt to plunge their kingdom into “eternal night”.

Somehow, despite the micro-obsessed nature of the internet, there have been no leaks thus far exposing director Kenneth Branagh’s vision for the Etins.

Which is probably more surprising than the look of the figure itself, which recalls the creatures that populated a certain other recent blue-skinned epic.

Still, this is just the toy version – we hold out hope that the film version will be ten times cooler.

Thor opens on 29 April, 2011.