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Ridley Scott wants Noomi Rapace for Alien prequel

Noomi Rapace

Ridley Scott has been all over Hollywoodtown looking for the right female lead for his Alien prequels.

Now it seems he’s found his girl, with Deadline reporting that Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ass-kicker Noomi Rapace is his favourite for the ET epic.

Though Scott also met with the likes of Carey Mulligan, Abbie Cornish, Gemma Arterton and Natalie Portman, he’s obviously spotted something in Rapace that he likes. We imagine her role as a take-no-prisoners hacker in the Millennium Trilogy helped a bit.

Apparently studio 20th Century Fox will now “be heavily involved in the ultimate decision”, with previous reports angling that Natalie Portman was the studio’s alien fighter of choice.

We’ll have to wait a little longer, then, to find out who’ll be confronting that giant Space Jockey – along with the xenomorphs. Let the final casting battle commence!