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Puzzle Palace gets picked up

Skipping over their vampirism favouritism, but very much staying in the angsty, mopey world of teens, Summit Entertainment have snapped up the rights to thriller Puzzle Palace .

Scripted by new-on-the-scene film writer (and editor of US Weekly glossy) David Guggenheim (awesome name), Puzzle reportedly “follows a kid who gets locked in a police station trying to steal evidence and has to escape crooked cops to get out”.

Last month, Guggenheim made it big when he managed to sell his Safe House spec to Universal. Both projects have incited movie studio bidding wars. Not bad.

Puzzle Palace is just one of Summit’s upcoming projects, which obviously includes the Twilight flicks, as well as The Last Witch Hunter , and alien invasion pic The Darkest Hour .

The thriller has been likened to Shia LaBeouf’s Disturbia for its kid-versus-cops concept. No names attached yet, but Summit’s knack for grabbing steamy young up-and-comers should make Puzzle one to drool over (for you young ‘uns) when it eventually hits screens.

Not enough puzzles in movies? Or palaces? Is this a dream come true, then?