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Olivia Wilde keen for Tron 3

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy had a decent opening at the box office this weekend, and one person who’s definitely keen to continue the franchise is Olivia Wilde.

After paying Quorra in Legacy , the actress has spoken out about the possibility of another instalment in the series. Spoilers below for those who’ve not seen the film yet.

“I'm so thrilled to play with Quorra in the human world,” she tells MTV . “It would be sort of like Splash . I want to see her whispering to laptops and hugging toasters. There's a whole other chapter ahead.”

She also added that a third Tron could expand Cillain Murphy’s role after his brief appearance in Legacy .

“Cillian Murphy, we were so lucky to have in this film. His part in Tron: Legacy is so mysterious and cool.

“His role really fits into the mythology of Tron , the corrupt environment of Encom. It just shows you that this fight is far from over.”

A script for a third Tron is already being written, though Disney have yet to give the film a green light.