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Michael Bay wields Gideons Sword adap

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s upcoming novel Gideon’s Sword has been snapped up for a movie make-over by Paramount Pictures.

Set for release in February 2011, the book focuses on investigator Gideon Crew, who is described as a brash young upstart.

Michael Bay will oversee the film adaptation. Plot details are currently being kept tightly under wraps, but the book is looking to launch a new series with Crew as the main character.

Preston and Child are famous for their books featuring Agent Pendergast. Their The Relic which was made into a movie in 1997, but scrubbed the Pendercast character out of the narrative in favour of Tom Sizemore's Lt D'Agosta (above).

Gideon's Sword will be Bay’s second book-to-film adaptation deal in a year after he snapped up the rights to currently casting I Am Number Four in June 2009. That flick will be directed by DJ Caurso, with Timothy Olyphant is set to star.

Will Bay succeed as a book-to-film producer? Or should he stick to robots?

Source: [ Variety ]