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McG chartering new Columbus biopic

Christopher Columbus

McG is joining forces with balloon-loving billionaire Richard Branson for a biopic on America 'discovering' explorer Christopher Columbus.

Despite previous attempts at turning Columbus’ story into a movie failing at the box office (see Christopher Columbus: The Discovery and 1492: Conquest Of Paradise ), McG seems to think he can do the tale justice with a 300 -style action film.

Considering what he did with the Charlie’s Angels flicks, we don’t doubt that McG knows how to put the flash and bang up on the screen, though his ability to tease out a coherent plotline is perhaps less celebrated.

That said, the story of Columbus' happening upon America could probably do with a little artistic license - maybe he was really battling giant sea monsters when he made the discovery...

Deadline report that the film will most likely be shot in 3D, though nobody has been mentioned in relation to the part of Columbus. McG’s next film, action-infused romcom This Means War starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon, is due out next year.