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Jamie Foxx ready for Sheneneh And Wanda

Drawing on characters they dreamt up during their standup comedy days, Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence will play female thieves in Sheneneh And Wanda.

Yes, apparently Foxx's career has ground to such a halt that he's ready to jump on the ladysuit bandwagon that Lawrence has ridden for years with the likes of the Big Momma's House movies.

And they've convinced Screen Gems to bankroll what really got started as a fake trailer called Skank Robbers (below) that the pair conceived for the BET Awards.

Apparently the movie - which will see the two independent women pull off one heist after another - is the realization of a longstanding plan for the pair to team up.

We're so very glad for them. Hope they have fun…

[Source: Variety ]

Does this sound like a good idea? Ready to see Foxx in a dress? Speak!