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Exclusive American Pie: Reunion featurette on Jims Dad

American Pie: Reunion hits cinemas next month, and of all the characters who are returning, it’s actually Jim’s dad (Eugene Levy) that we’re most excited to be reunited with.

Since the first slice of Pie , he’s been guiding Jim (Jason Biggs) with awkward advice and don’t-go-there sharing, but he always does it in his son’s best interests.

While the young ‘uns are heading towards quarter-to-mid-life crises, things have also changed for Mr Levenstein too, having lost his wife in the years since American Wedding .

It’s not all bad for him though, as a hook-up with one of cinema’s most lusted after mummies is on the cards.

Check out the exclusive American Pie: Reunion featurette below for a catch-up with Jim’s old man:


American Pie: Reunion opens in the UK on 2 May 2012.