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Cary Elwes returns in Saw VII

It's official. After spending the last five Saw films wondering whatever happened to Cary Elwes' character Dr Lawrence Gordon, it looks like Saw VII will finally give us our answer.

Lionsgate has revealed that Elwes will be starring in the seventh instalment of the horror phenomenon, and fans will finally learn just exactly what Dr Gordon has been doing all this time (apart from hobbling around on that stump, of course).

Saw VII sees a group of Jigsaw survivors seek the support of a self-help guru (and handily also a Jigsaw survivor), but surprise surprise the gore sets in when his own secrets become the cause of a new chapter of terror.

Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor and Betsy Russell will also be returning for the film, set to be released on 22nd October along with Paranormal Activity 2 .

Oh and if all that gore and horror wasn't enough for you in 2D - this one's going to be in 3D as well...

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