The best new TV shows coming in 2018 - from BoJack Horseman to The Good Place

Daredevil season 3, Doctor Who season 11 and Mindhunter season 2 are just some of the new TV shows in 2018

Your calendar of new TV shows coming over the next 18 months is basically everything that you want from your telly box. From the supernatural or horror, to whimsy and day-drinking, there's plenty going on. You better start preparing a store of popcorns, snacks, and drinks because your butt is about to be glued to your sofa for the foreseeable future. 

From Netflix Originals to the latest seasons of Riverdale, Dr Who and The Good Place, there's probably something for everyone. Ok, it might not be Game of Thrones season 8, sorry folks, but there's enough content for you to beam into your eyes in the coming months to keep everyone happy.

And until then, don’t forget that our best shows on Netflix list just keeps getting longer. But for now, here's our fresh rundown of the best new TV shows that are still to come in 2018. 

The Innocents season 1

Where and when can I watch it? August 24 on Netflix.

A supernatural thriller which sees two British youngsters - June and Harry - running away from home to start a new life together. Only problem is that June quickly finds out she's a shapeshifter, and can assume the appearance of other people. Obviously, this causes all kinds of distress, and the footage we've seen is suitably chilling as June struggles to come to terms with her gift. The potential for plot twists and mistaken identity set-pieces are HUGE here. We also know that Guy Pearce plays a sinister scientist intent on studying shapeshifters for his own (likely evil) ends. It all adds up to something truly intriguing and rather unique, even if it seems to draw influences from the likes of Twilight and American Werewolf in London.

Mayans M.C.

Where and when can I watch it? September 4 on FX.

Sons of Anarchy fans it's time to get excited because the upcoming spin-off is en route and now we have the first trailer. This spinoff focuses on the Hispanic rivals-turned-allies motorcycle club that have featured through the main series, and this two-minute clip features J.D. Pardo's character, Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes. He's a fresh Mayans M.C. prospect who's American Dream was shattered thanks to a little trip to prison years before. Prepare yourself for lots more bikes, the throaty growls of Harvely Davidson Road Kings, and a lot of heavily armed police. 

Watch the Mayans M.C. trailer in the UK. 

Iron Fist season 2

Where and when can I watch it? September 7 on Netflix.

It turns out we can all get things wrong, especially when it comes to TV series renewals, because it turns out Iron Fist is getting a season 2. It's safe to say that the first season received rather mixed reviews, but if this new trailer is anything to go by, Danny Rand may evolve from a whiny superhero to something much more darker. I'm already loving the different direction that's teased in the trailer for this new season, and hopefully the Netflix Marvel crossover will redeem itself yet. 

Bojack Horseman season 5

Where and when can I watch it? September 14 on Netflix

BoJack Horseman, Netflix's cartoon series about a nihilistic, washed-up actor who also happens to be a horse, is coming back for a fifth season this September. Season 4 saw BoJack believing he had a daughter called Hollyhock, but regardless she adds some much needed stability to his life. It's not clear what the krux of season 5 will be, but no doubt Hollyhock will feature, Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter's marriage will finally dissolve, and Princess Carolyn may finally find long-term love. Whatever happens, expect some animal puns, heavy drinking and a whole lot of drama. 

Maniac season 1 

Where and when can I watch it? September 21 on Netflix.

A Netflix remake of a Norwegian black comedy starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, you say? Even that's more than enough to tickle the interest of anyone with a taste for the abstract. Set in a psychiatric hospital, Maniac follows the made-up adventures of two institutionalised patients as they imagine a fantasy life beyond the walls of their medical confines. It’s directed by Cary Fukunaga, of all people, best known for his work on True Detective (the first, much better season), so it’s safe to say that this dark comedy will probably be more dark than comedy, depending on your sense of humour. Either way, Maniac is one to watch out for 2018. Just watch that trailer above and you'll know exactly what I mean. 

The Good Place season 3

Where and when can I watch it? An episode per week starting September 27 on AMC, and Netflix in the UK

Although we don't have a trailer, we do at least know that The Good Place season 3 is en route. The last season ended with Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason all put back on Earth in a new timeline where they don't actually die. Eleanor tries to learn from her past mistakes, but slides back into old habits. But then, thanks to a TED Talk she finds Chidi again, and we're hoping the same is about to happen with Tahani and Jason. It's not clear what's going to happen next, but we're hoping for a Parks and Recreation crossover, after it was revealed that both series take place in the same 'universe'. 

The Walking Dead season 9

Where and when can I watch it? Starting from October 7 on AMC in the US and October 8 on Fox in the UK. 

It looks like the drama between Rick, Negan, Maggie and co is seriously coming to a head in The Walking Dead season 9, because from what we've seen so far, the rising tension between the various communities is definitely building. This isn't the future that Carl envisioned for sure. Yes, The Walking Dead might have lost its way of late, but with a new showrunner and a confirmed exit strategy for Rick Grimes, it could be that a big change up is on the way. I, for one, am definitely ready.

Watch The Walking Dead trailer in the UK.

Riverdale season 3

Where and when can I watch it? October 9 on The CW (UK TBC)

We currently don't know much about Riverdale season 3, apart from the fact it's going to deal with the repercussions of the last season, namely Archie getting arrested, with the first episode dealing with Archie's court appearance. Reggie and Toni are both going to be series regular, so read into that what you will, and apparently the show isn't done with Polly and her farm. Plenty of intrigue and none of the details at the moment, but sign us up right now. 


Where and when can I watch it? October 14 on the CW (UK TBC)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch isn't the only iconic '90s TV show to be getting a reboot, because Charmed is back with a new trio of witch sisters. It's not clear whether they're still playing the same characters (Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell), or an entirely new family altogether, but it's safe to say we're excited. From the looks of the first trailer, two of the women are dealing with some seriously dark stuff in their lives, including the death of their mother and the appearance of another woman who claims to be their sister. However, it's the job of a male stranger to tell them they're witches, and that he is going to act as their advisor. 

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