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Titanic 3D gets release date


Titanic 3D will be released in April 2012, according to director James Cameron and Fox Studios, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ship's voyage.

That gives Cameron a little under 2 years to show us all how a proper 3-D conversion is done.

Back in March, following the release of Clash of the Titans , the director voiced his displeasure at the lucrative process of converting previously 2D footage into 3D:

"They ignore the fact that we natively authored the film ( Avatar ) in 3-D, and decide that what we accomplished in several years of production could be done in an eight week conversion."

"They'll be putting out an inferior product."

Look's like Cameron's set himself quite a challenge to justify converting his own film. But if anybody can do 3-D right, surely it's the Avatar man.

Will Cameron do it? Tell us what you think...