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Taron Egerton in line to play young Han Solo?

Having won rave reviews for his star-making turn in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Taron Egerton could be about to score himself a massive role, with The Sun (via The Daily Mail (opens in new tab)) reporting that the up-and-coming actor is in line to head up one of the imminent Star Wars spin-offs.

According to the report, one of said spin-offs will chronicle the adventures of the young Han Solo, with Egerton reportedly top of the queue to play the swaggering space pirate.

The story goes on to claim that the film will reveal how Solo first got his hands on the Millennium Falcon, and will also detail his falling out with the villainous Jabba the Hutt.

To clarify, this would be the second in the proposed series of Star Wars spin-offs, with Gareth Edwards already set to direct the first, thought to be charting the exploits of a group of bounty hunters with plans to steal the Death Star.

That film is expected to arrive in December 2016, with the supposed Solo spin-off pencilled in for 2018, sandwiching Rian Johnson’s 2017-slated Star Wars: Episode VIII. All of which adds up to a wealth of grist to keep the Star Wars rumour mill occupied for some time to come…

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