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Stranger Tides seduces a siren

Previously on Stranger Tides : we’ve got Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow, Stephen Graham, Penelope Cruz. And now... a mermaid.

French Actress Astrid Bergès-Frisbey has been reeled in by director Rob Marshall and producer Jerry Bruckheimer for the fishy role of Syrena, a mermaid in the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean film.

Bergès-Frisbey has appeared in French flicks La Premiere Etoile , La Fille du Puisatier and Bruc , and joins Johnny Depp, Ian McShane and Cruz for this new high seas adventure.

No word yet on how pivotal the role of Syrena is, but Disney saw fit to cast out an official press release on the matter – something that is generally reserved for the casting announcements of bigger stars.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has been adapted by Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot from the novel by Tim Powers, and involves the Fountain of Youth, which we saw Jack Sparrow set out in search of at the end of the last film.

Filming of the sequel will be completed in Hawaii, Great Britain and Los Angeles this summer, with a 20 May 2011 release date.

Any other mythical creatures you want to pitch up in the sequel?