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Robert Rodriguez to direct Jonny Quest movie

After dedicating most of his filmmaking career to blood-splattered genre pics, Robert Rodriguez is after a change of scenery. THR reports that the Sin City director has boarded Warner Bros.’ live-action Jonny Quest movie. The Hanna-Barbera adaptation will be Rodriguez’s first cartoon-related project, that he will not only direct but co-write with Pirates Of The Caribbean scribe Terry Rossio. Throw in Suicide Squad producer Dan Lin and Hitman: Agent 47 producer Adrian Askeriah and that’s quite the creative crew.

The sixties TV show on which it’s based follows the eponymous youngster, Jonny Quest, a hopeful explorer who joins his scientist father Dr. Benton Quest wherever his work takes him. Along with his best friend Hadji and his dog Bandit the whippersnapper gets into a bunch of madcap adventures under the watchful gaze of family friend-special agent Roger “Race” Bannon.

Development on the big screen spinoff was kickstarted in 2007 by Lin with Peter Segal set to direct. Early screenplay drafts penned by Dan Mazeau (Wrath Of The Titans) even reached Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson who were attached as Quest and Bannon respectively. For Rodriguez’s version it’s unclear if either of those two remain involved.

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Gem Seddon
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