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New FirstPlay product launches

So you bought yourself a PlayStation 3 because all your mates told you it’s awesome for Blu-ray playback, making films all, like, shiny looking and stuff.

But now you’re left with a tremendous bit of kit, and only half an idea that it might do something with games as well.

Lucky for all you gaming virgins (and, all right, everybody else, as well), a new product called FirstPlay has just launched that gives you all the inside goss and advice on the latest PlayStation happenings.

An HD weekly “interactive show”, sort of like a weekly version of the US Qore (and a tiny bit like our Trash Talk ), FirstPlay can be downloaded every Thursday for the lovely sum of 99p, or a bargain subscription fee of £8.99.

What do you get for your money? What don’t you get!

FirstPlay takes a look at new games, reviewing them while showing off some lovely footage from actual play, while previews, screen shots, highlights from the PSN and a raft of downloadable content are also available.

You can even take captures of games to make yourself a rather fetching new desktop wallpaper.

So, yeah, just another reason to love your Blu-ray-playing PlayStation. Head on over to to check it all out.

Which movie do you think has most benefited from the Blu-ray treatment?