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Louis Leterrier will direct new disaster film G


Clash Of The Titans did director Louis Leterrier few favours, but the filmmaker hasn’t let the backlash get him down – he’s just signed on to helm new disaster film G.

Formerly titled Gravity (and not to be confused with Alfonso Cuaron’s troubled sci-fi project), the film follows a father who searches for his lost child while the Earth stops spinning and begins to lose its gravity.

The film’s been compared to The Day After Tomorrow and Taken for its scale and ‘man on a mission’ plot. A screenwriter is currently being sought to flesh out that natty concept.

Before G , though, Leterrier will direct Now You See Me , a heist thriller that sees a team of illusionists pitted against the FBI.

Seems there’s life beyond Clash Of The Titans , and we’re sure Leterrier’s very happy about that.