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Emilia Clarke stars in first image from Voice From The Stone

The first image has arrives online from supernatural thriller Voice From The Stone, featuring Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke and a suitably gothic backdrop.

The film is set in '50s Tuscany, and stars Clarke as a nurse charged with caring for a young boy who hasn't uttered a word since the sudden death of his mother.

Living with the boy and his father in their foreboding manor house, Clarke finds the bond between the trio growing stronger, while also becoming increasingly aware of a malevolent force at work on the family.

The first image doesn't give too much away, but in terms of setting the mood, it does the job pretty effectively. Bad things are going to happen behind those stone walls…

Directed by Eric D. Howell and co-starring Marton Csoskas and Caterina Murino, Voice From The Stone will open later this year, with a release date yet to be confirmed.

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