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Drew Barrymore to produce and direct Heist Society

Drew Barrymore will produce and most likely direct an adaptation of Ally Carter's young adult novel Heist Society .

Barrymore has been made a producer on the Warner Bros project, and she'll supervise the writing. Whip It novelist and screenwriter Shauna Cross will adapt the novel, which found itself in the eye of a bidding storm last year.

The plot sees a young woman from a family of master thieves turn her back on her inherited lifestyle.

She's drawn back into the game when her father is accused of pinching a gangster's art collection, and she puts together a team in an attempt to steal the missing goods back.

The film version will see the characters' ages increase a little to become early-twentysomethings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barrymore is signed to direct How To Be Single , which she will complete before starting work on Heist Society . There's currently no word on whether she's expected to star in either of these projects.

Barrymore has been linked to Surrender Dorothy , one of many Wizard Of Oz spin-offs in pre-production, though looking at her schedule, it appears that one has been moved firmly onto the backburner.