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Doug Liman teaming with Coens?

Quirky, indie-darlings writing for a crash-bang-wallop action director? Not a combination you would initially think of, but it could happen if Doug Liman decides to make the Coens’ reworking of ‘60s heist movie Gambit .

Deadline reports that Liman is mulling over a number of potential projects, with the Coens’ script vying for his attention alongside The Three Musketeers , and the intriguing-sounding, “untitled moon project with Jake Gyllenhall.”

If he does end up plumping for Gambit , it would be the first Coen brothers script they haven’t directed themselves since Crimewave in 1985.

The original was a slick crime caper, starring Michael Caine as a cat-burglar planning an elaborate scam on a billionaire by recruiting Shirley MacLaine, who just happens to be a dead ringer for the target’s wife. Naturally things soon go awry when Caine and MacLaine take a bit of a shine to each other…

Source: Deadline

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