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Bridges Tron Legacy image unveiled

The Dude, aka Jeff Bridges, is having a bang up 2010 so far.

First he grabbed a Golden Globe award for his role in Crazy Heart . Then, yesterday, he nabbed himself an Oscar nomination (for Best Actor in a Leading Role), which the bookies are pretty much handing to him a month early.

Finally, later this year he’s returning for Disney’s much-yacked about belated sequel, Tron Legacy .

Speaking of, oh look, there’s a new image from the film, and it’s got Bridges in it! Click below for a hi-res version.

Moody and blue, this pic is our first look at Bridges in the film after the reveal of the new yellow lightcycle. But what’s that on his back?

Has he somehow attached lightcycle technology to himself? The story goes that his character, Flynn, has been hiding in Tron for the past 25 years. Has Flynn been forced to adapt to the environment in shocking new ways?

Or is this Clu 2 we’re seeing?

All we know is Bridges looks pretty cool (the back brace is almost halo like), and we can’t wait for this one to land.

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