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Anthony Hopkins is an exorcist

Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins continues a string of fun roles with The Rite - an exorcism drama based on actual events.

The Wales-born star was recently seen hamming it up in The Wolfman , and next year he'll be appearing as king of the Norse gods, Odin, in Marvel's Thor .

Mikael Hafstrom will direct The Rite , which is adapted from a book by Matt Baglio.

The plot sees Sir Tony playing a Vatican priest, who happens to be an expert in unorthodox exorcisms.

He takes a disenchanted American seminary student under his wing to help restore the lad's faith.

Though this sounds like it has worrying echoes of the dreadful Heath Ledger vehicle The Order ( The Sin Eater ), the concept of Hopkins playing a demon-busting priest should be worth the admission alone.

Source [ Collider ]

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