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Adam McKay to direct The Boys?

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy . The title speaks for itself, and for director Adam McKay's ability to handle one of the best loved comedies of the last decade... but does that make him the right man to adapt a cult-favourite comic book with dark, satirical themes?

Although it’s currently only a rumour, we’re hearing whispers that comedy director Adam McKay might be taking on a film version of Garth Ennis’ The Boys . Where did the whispers come from? A Nightmare on Elm Street ’s director Samuel Bayer.

Apparently it’s something that Bayer’s always wanted to do, yet he’s reportedly claimed that McKay’s the favoured man for the job.

It's also an hilarious, thinly-veiled attack on comic book conventions and global politics, with classic characters from both Marvel and DC (with a few clever name changes), multi-national corporations (again, names changed to protect the guilty) and entire governemnts all being satirically skewered, South Park style.

We have to say, McKay's comedy background may be more suited to the material than Bayer's - though we'll have to wait to see the latter's remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street to fully make that call.

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