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Tweets Of The Week

It’s amazing how quickly things move online. Tweets Of The Week takes a seven-day break from API calls and failwhales, and there’s enough sci-fi goodness to fill three whole pages.

One piece of sci-fi goodness proved particularly momentous by confirming Twitter’s power in modern movie marketing. Simon Pegg’s new film A Fantastic Fear Of Everything had it’s new trailer debut last week, but not on Apple Trailers or Yahoo, as you might expect. Pegg introduced it to the world through his Twitter account. “Madness!” you might hear some distant movie PR screaming, but when your star has more followers than you do pounds in the budget (almost) it kind of makes sense.

@ simonpegg - As promised, a Twitter exclusive. Coming soon, from @CrispianMills , I give you A Fantastic Fear of Everything...

Special mention also to Arthur Darvill this week, who posted this pair of somewhat disturbing portraits – Arthur by Karen and Karen by Arthur (can you guess which is which). We expect both to appear in our nightmares any day now.

@ RattyBurvil Karen. By Arthur

Arthur. By Karen.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof "Fuck you and fuck your fucking turtles, nerds." #WhatBayWANTStoSay

"Guess what? I just changed the title to "Transformer Transformer Transformer Turtles. Blow me." #WhatBayWANTStoSay

Felicia Day

@ feliciaday I couldn't stop myself. I had to kiss Thane. I JUST COULDN'T STOP MYSELF! #thereisnootherforme #masseffect

@ steven_moffat After extensive deliberation, THE DOCTOR HAS SPOKEN. Matt Smith likes the sixties Dalek best.

Proud winner with some fans.

@ andrewstanton Contrary to popular belief, this is where all the VFX budget went on John Carter #therealkitsch

@ NathanFillion I can't believe @alan_tudyk did an April Fool joke about Firefly coming back. Dude. Too soon.

@ alan_tudyk I take a travel day and ignore twitter to find Nathan Fillion has made me the butt of his April Fool's Day japes and monkey-shines- that Mal

@ OldRoberts953 Went to first readthrough of new BBC Wales show Wizards V Aliens today. AMAZING cast, can't wait for you to see them!

@ AlexiHawley That's a wrap on ep. 421! Most fun episode ever.

Tweets of the Week continues on page two, with Ron Weasley’s biggest fan revealed, Duncan Jones on the scriptwriting process and Jon Favreau teasing his upcoming JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke pilot Revolution …

@ wizmatts Mid-day snack time at the Robot Chicken office!

@ jwrinzler Sent over manuscript of Making of Jedi to George for his perusal. Will work meanwhile on first draft, fixing nasty rough.

@ warrenellis @ ManMadeMoon how long does it usually take you to produce a screenplay draft?

@ ManMadeMoon @warrenellis 1st draft is the longest. about a month for the treatment, 4+ months for the first draft, then about 2 for each after.

@ SamWitwer Taken 2 years ago as my buddy Greg Nicotero applied my makeup for #WalkingDead .

@ DamonLindelof Do NOT play the numbers in the Mega Millions tonight, people! They are CURSED!!! Also, I don't want to share my jackpot with you.

How could I resist?

@ AdamHorowitzLA And that's a wrap on the season! Thanks to the best cast and crew you could dream of having! #OnceUponATime

@ ninadobrev That's a wrap on Season 3!!!!!!!!!!

@ NathanFillion Is it just me, or does anyone else get nerd-upset when people say Game of Thorns?

@ Jon_Favreau Swords, crossbows and Kentucky rifles. Not a bad day at the office. #Revolution

Tweets of the Week comes to an EXCITING conclusion on page three with William Shatner: Ghostbuster and, yep, you guessed it, even more Nathan Fillion.

But wait, there's more! Click through for a picture of William Shatner as a Ghostbuster. Nuff said.

@ JewelStaite Miss you turds. @jonathansfrakes @SeanAstin You too, Ben Too-cool-for-twitter Browder.

@ RhettReese Portal, Braid, Journey, Limbo... I think the world's most original minds are working in video games, not film.

@ AllCharisma Star Wars themed Monopoly. How r u spendingur Saturday?

@ rustyrockets David Lynch has mastered another art form- pornography.

@ DAVID_LYNCH @ rustyrockets Thank you for tweeting about Crazy Clown Time. You're very observant because I did secretly model it after Debby Does Dallas.

@ IAMLenaHeadey Who had the most vodka?

@ JamesGunn I forgot to tell you that Spartacus the TV show just might be the fucking greatest thing ever. #subtletyisforpussies #happyeaster

@ SethGreen Today's the day @NathanFillion was born. The world has rejoiced ever since.

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw Happy birthday, @NathanFillion ! Even though you were never my captain, you are TOTALLY my captain.

@ emmacaulfield @NathanFillion happy birthday Fillion! I haven't seen you in month of sundays. hope you are well!

Felicia Day

@ feliciaday Happy Birthday to the hunkolific @NathanFillion !

@ NathanFillion Congrats to @ElizabethBanks on #thehungergames ! Her 1st ever role that doesn't garner the "I'd do her." response.

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