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Twitter and sci-fi fandom are a match made in geek heaven. At any one time you’re, hypothetically, no more than 140 characters away from William Shatner, Carrie Fisher, Simon Pegg and, er, the SFX Magazine crew. Of course it rarely works like that, you’ve probably got a better chance of getting a message to certain celebs by constructing an elaborate network of stings and baked bean tins to locations all round the world than you have on Twitter, but the potential’s there.

As with most things geek-related, however, there’s a dark-side to Twitter (and we’re not talking about Pantu The Dog ) – one highlighted last week by The Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec. Seems fans aren’t keen on current developments in the supernatural soap. We won’t go into spoiler territory here, but one or two love triangles aren’t to some fans’ liking, and they’ve taken to expressing their anger against the show runners.

@ julieplec Stop threatening to kill me. In a show with an ongoing love triangle, mark my words -- sooner or later you will feel really freakin' stupid.

@ kevwilliamson I got your back @julieplec

@ julieplec I sent them your home address.

Clearly Plec and the show’s creator Kevin Willimson are taking it in the right spirit, but it’s still a worrying insight into how quickly, and viciously fandom can turn. Can’t we all just, get along?

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ edgarwright I am not quite sure why I woke up at 6am and read every Wikipedia entry on Tom Baker's 'Doctor Who' episodes. But I did.

@ twhiddleston When Kermit dressed up as Loki at the #Avengers Premiere in Rome. One of the greatest moments of my life. #Muppets

@ neveldinetaylor admittedly the story is meh, but the creature and fx design on GRSOV is badass as fuck

@ danharmon As we say on twitter: Squee! RT @KarenGillan2 Haha! Loving #inspectorspacetime on #community brilliant.

@ wossy Robt. Downey Jnr told me that, in a fight, Tony Stark would man-bang Bruce Wayne. Goodnight.

@ NathanFillion Just saw Cabin in the Woods. I loved it when all over her! (Edited for spoilers)

@ SethMacFarlane Orchestra scoring for "Ted" -- Walter Murphy has outdone himself

@ rcjohnso Red Dwarf theme ear-worm. OUT OF NOWHERE. Haven't seen the show in years. Explain it, twitter scientists.

@ bearmccreary I love that so many of you caught my taiko-tastic #BSG reference in tonight's #EUREKA premiere. And here I thought I was being subtle :)

@ SamWitwer A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. Digitized into a computer. Forced to fight for the users #beinghuman #season3

@ RattyBurvil There's a full moon tonight @KarenGillan2

@ jarpad Season wrap on supernatural :) woohoo!!!

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