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Tweets Of The Week

The greatest guitar in the galaxy, stalking Bryan Fuller and Nathan Fillion burning (not literally) Alan Tudyk in this week’s tweets.

Any other week and there’s no doubt this space would be reserved for Harry Potter fever working its magic on the nation. Unfortunately some newspaper scandal whipped up such a Twitter storm that almost all of last week’s premiere celebrations got lost in a whirlwind of #notw hastags. However, it did give us at least one metaphorical moment of SF-tinged brilliance courtesy of Doctor Who / Sarah Jane scribe Gareth Roberts:

@ OldRoberts953 Davros closes Tranquil Repose because of consumer resistance. Eleanor Bron to keep job.

Elsewhere our obsessive celebrity-stalking Twitter tendencies have led us to the conclusion Bryan Fuller is the happiest man on Earth. Tracking the Pushing Daisies creator’s progress across Europe from Versailles to the Harry Potter premiere has been infectiously joyous. If only all twitterers tweeted pictures of themselves with an owl every week:

@ BryanFuller WITH HEDWIG


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ NathanFillion Ahhhhhh. The beach, the sun, and Game of Thrones on Kindle. Alan Tudyk would love this. If he could read.

@ steven_moffat Right! Here we go again! Merry Christmas everyone! x

@ simonpegg Please be patient about the next Star Trek. No one's twiddling their thumbs. These things take a little prep. Warp speed ain't always apt.

@ jumblejim First day at work on season 7. Great to be back flubbing lines again! x

@ Kyle_MacLachlan : "Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies" ...still my favorite. #TwinPeaks

@ jamesmoran Also dreamt that me %26 several others were *trounced* in basketball point-scoring by Peter Dinklage. In Game of Thrones costume. WTF, brain?

@ 2011Census Despite not being classified as an official religion, Australia has 58,053 Jedi Knights. May the force be with you.

@ jock4twenty also, @westonfront 's Akira designs look AMAZING. the bike, particularly. did a great job. hope to see it on screen some day.

@ EmilyroseLA Guess where I am today;)

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