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Tweets Of The Week

Reactions to that Buffy reboot news from the stars and a bumper pack of tweets.

Anyone casually browsing Twitter at silly o’ clock last night would be forgiven for thinking a hell mouth had opened under our feet as the internet came close to breaking point under mass geek outrage at the news a Buffy reboot is storming ahead without Joss Whedon. You can find the full story here (and Joss’ hilarious reaction) but some of the show’s stars have been chipping in too. Most like @ Sethgreen , @ Anthonyshead and @ NicholasBrendon have yet to speak out but you can see David Boreanaz’s reaction above, @ emmacaulfield put it simply “Buffy reboot? ahahahhaha..” while @ elizadushku was a tad more candid “Joss made the "Buffster" & w/out him... I just don't trust the girl. Or the world.” Now, if only we could convince Joss to join Twitter.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ TobyHadoke Happy Birthday Doctor Who, (it began 47 years ago today) - and thanks for everything. I'll dance to Three Guitars Mood Two in your honour.

@ mishacollins today at my "other job," i had to work with this guy who wouldn't stop bitching. I didn't let it bother me though.

@ steven_moffat Ianto fans only: Russell's character, and I thought his death scene was brilliant. Not reversing it. Stop asking.

@ chibnall @ steven_moffat Does this mean my Resurrect Adric campaign will also receive short shrift? .

@ michaelsheen Just saw TRON:LEGACY all way through for first time. It's what eyes and ears were made for. A new word has entered the lexicon - Jisney!

@ BruckheimerJB Officially wrapped PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES this week. Excited to share trailer with you 12/17. Stay tuned...

@ Wossy My wife got me these lovely cupcakes to celebrate me being past it.... . .

@ warrenellis But RED will now be crushed by HARRY POTTER AND THE UNSETTLING HANDJOB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT or whatever it's called

@ neveldinetaylor i think every smart hot girl in the world is in love with giles from buffy .

@ DavidBlue And, we're wrapped. Bittersweet end of #SGU Season 2. Great scene to end on. Love ALL these people. :'(

@ ADaniels3PO If you realised your original script for The Star Wars Holiday Special still lurked in the attic, what would you do? You wouldn't open it!!

@ edgarwright Believe it or not (and it is just the back of my head) but this is me with Doctor Who, Tom Baker in 1983. Truth!

@ mrmarkmillar Took the family over to the X-Men set before flight home and the girls met my old bud James McAvoy. Weird seeing Prof X smoking a fag!

@ NathanFillion XFiles, we still love you.

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