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Tweets Of The Week

SFX’s parallel Twitter universe and arm wrestling dogs in this week’s tweets

@leeunkrich Creepy rendering artifact image from Toy Story 3. That's Andy...

We love Fringe at SFX , so much so that after tuning in every week we can’t help but wonder what our own parallel universe would be like. Step forward Twitter – a fertile ground for idle musings and wanton speculation that (for now) throws up possibilities we can only dream existed in our reality.

Nathan Fillion in Uncharted ? It’s already on it’s second sequel in our world. Torchwood and Doctor Who scribe James Moran scripting the new Hulk TV show? (@ jamesmoran Dear ABC: Am available & cheap. Job pls. Thx.) He’s the only man for the job. Best of all though is this pair of Caprica spin-offs dreamt up by Sam Adama actor Sasha Roiz: @ sasharoiz @ JaneEspenson possible #Caprica spin offs. "G.U.H.M. Gay Uncle hit Man" is a go. How about "The Real Housewives of Caprica"?

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ simonpegg I support @ NathanFillion in his campaign to play Nathan Drake. I'm not sure who Drake is but the other Nathan should have what he wishes.

@ bearmccreary Champagne %26 Smores with Ellen Tigh at her Halloween party tonight. Talked to the actual Crypt Keeper too. No joke.

@ steven_moffat You know, this is a REALLY GOOD job for a Doctor Who fan. .

@ wilw Having tapas, playing Tetris with the plates to make them fit on the table. Tapas Tetris is a pretty fun (and tasty) game.

@ JasonRitter What, you've never played a video game and wept at its complex yet simple beauty? Oh. You've never played a @ fumito_ueda game.

@ radiomaru strong belief of mine: Monkey Island 1 %26 2 are the pinnacle of gaming; the further sequels are abominations. I feel similarly about Sonic 4

@ warrenellis Time for the periodic "I am not the Warren Ellis who works with Nick Cave" message. I have a superior beard and I write comics and books.

@ neilhimself No I will not come back with a goatee of evilness. Also the 70s beard of sf tv evil is a van dyke. #70sTVrules #badspock #rogerdelgado

@ DamonLindelof Was the Dyson AirBlade created by Miles Dyson, eventual inventor of The Teminator? If so, I am NOT drying my hands up in that shit.

@ eliroth I just need to find two more girls and then my Human Centipede costume's complete! .

@ theThomasDekker #tscc fans! Lookie here! Riley and John re-united.


And Finally... Further proof (if it were needed) why we love Chuck courtesy of @ JoshuaEGomez .

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