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Tweets Of The Week

A call to arms for Browncoats and surprising Super 8 news in this week’s tweets


Celeb auction Twitchange recently proved Twitter doesn’t always have to be inane ramblings and X Factor updates – the power of social media can be used for good. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for aHomeInHaiti is great ’n’ all, but the announcement late last week that flammable Three Kings film-maker David O Russell is back on board to adapt ace Playstation 3 action game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has kick started a campaign every man, woman and child should get behind.

@ NathanFillion If ever there was a Twitter campaign, let this be it. Rise, ye Browncoats. Rise, ye Castillions. RISE!

Seems the former Captain Mal, (currently on top form in the mighty Castle , if you were wondering what the “Castillons” reference was all about), has thrown his hat into the ring for the lead role of explorer Nathan Drake – a modern day Indiana Jones with Han Solo’s cock-sure swagger. We couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for the part. Now, who’s with us?

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ Paul_Cornell On the train to go see Doctor Who Live, or as I call it, Scarecrowpocalypse: the Strawening.

@ murraygold There's an amazing and instant reverse reaction to the one Matt Smith gets when I walk into a press room.

@ neilhimself Just read an email from a product placement company seeking to place their products in my novels. My jaw is dropped. It's wronger than wrong

@ ADaniels3PO (Anthony Daniels) Ewoks are one of the few things that DON'T taste like chicken. They have the flavour of a Jar Jar bathmat. But more teeth-stickingly hairy.

@ james_gunn If WB lets me direct the new Mike Myers/Pepe Lepew movie, a lot of it is going to center around Pepe going on trial for rape.

@ bearmccreary The minivan in front of me caught my eye. Was it Admiral Adama's perhaps?

@ jumblejim Leaving Warner Bros for Santa Monica for a meeting on JJ Abrams's %26 Steven Spielberg's "Super 8."

@ BambolaBambina Watching @ nicolerichie on #chuck ! I'm jealous, I wanna kick ass on @ ZacharyLevi 's show!

@ TheRealNimoy In Mission Impossible. 1971. LLAP

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