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The Hobbit’s 48 frames, Man Of Steel and Patrick Stewart’s Christmas tree are the hot topics on the latest Tweets Of The Week

Even if the idea of watching Halflings, dwarves and wizards wander across New Zealand makes you break out in hives, you have to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to be part of the discussion on 48fps.

We already know X-Men Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer is a fan and James Cameron is likely to make the two Avatar sequels in 48fps (or higher) but now that The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey has opened around the globe more genre film-makers have been weighing in on the debate surrounding 48fps and 3D:

@ManMadeMoon "Oh! 3D 48fps. NOW I love 3D!" What no part of my brain is saying right now.

@DAVID_A_SLADE So I'll be seeing the Hobbit this weekend in 3D at 48 fps all heavily compressed 12 year old file format. Shouldn't they update that?

Actually, none of those really slag off 48fps, but we found it to be very distracting, so consider yourself warned!

The SFX Twitter Stream

@radiomaru my list of top ten movies this year is just Looper eleven times

@TimOfLegend I'm actually hesitating setting up this new Wii U system because it means saying goodbye to my GameCube Animal Crossing town. Dilemma.

@simonpegg Last day at @ElstreeStudios , it's been a pleasure to shoot at such an historic location. I ate a chicken wing where the Rancor died.

@nickjfrost I'd enjoy watching England Vs Daleks at lords. Time Lords obvs.

@ZacharyQuinto seeing the first nine with jj and the people. midnight.

@THEBRYANHITCH I want a superman trailer and indeed a movie where he's not feeling sorry for himself. He's awesome so can stop moping.

@JamesGunn New Smallville trailer is great.

@DamonLindelof Batman can be miserable but Superman can't? HE WAS CREATED BY JEWS, PEOPLE!!! Affectionately, A Miserable Jew

@Mike_Dougherty Time to light the annual Christmas Pazuzu.

Jon Favreau

@Jon_Favreau Congrats to Daniel Craig on Skyfall being #1 grossing film for Sony of all time. (Fun Fact: Zathura is #982!)

@RobertKirkman Be sure to tune in tonight for a new episode of @WalkingDead_AMC at... Oh, wait... Nevermind. Sorry. #isitFebruaryyet

@EmilyroseLA Some cool photos from the Sarah ep I can now post

Nurse Sarah bw

Everyone that made her possible

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