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Tweets Of The Week

The stars say farewell to Merlin , Kick-Ass 2 wraps and Mark Hamill eats some sweets with his face on them, all in the latest Tweets of the Week .

Back in the day, chances were you wouldn’t even know a movie was being made until a 30-second trailer turned up on the BBC’s Film programme, or it arrived in theatres. Today it’s almost impossible to stay oblivious, with regular updates and announcements coming from entertainment sites, blogs, official websites, magazines, newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, McDonalds Happy Meals and, of course, Twitter.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course. The continued existence of many film series depends on their ability to attract an audience, so there’s no harm in starting the hype machine early. Fans, meanwhile, get an insight into the production of a film like never before. Take Kick-Ass 2 , which has a social networking savvy writer/director and cast who have been Twittering away throughout the production, revealing first glimpses of costumes, logos, sets, guest stars and characters.

When the film wrapped shooting recently, this is what the gang had to say:

@ JeffWadlow That's a wrap -- JUSTICE FOREVER!!!! #kickass2 @ChloeGMoretz @MintzPlasse @JimCarrey @donald_faison @ClaudiaLeeLive

@ MintzPlasse Saw a 10 minute trailer of kickass 2 on set. Holy shit, it could be better than the first. I don't know, well see.

That's a wrap baby!!! Thank you @jeffwadlow #kickass2

@ ChloeGMoretz Last day for all the girls on set :( gonna miss them all so much. Such an amazing time and they're gonna be

Had such an amazing last day on #KickAss2 !! Thank you to everyone involved who made this such an amazing expierience #HitGirlIsBack !!!

@ mrmarkmillar You have my word: Even if the Mayans are right and the world DOES end this December we will still get Kick-Ass 2 out in cinemas.

@ ChuckLiddell On set of Kick Ass 2 with @JohnLeguizamo

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ AnthonySHead Read in Metro today, "Merlin, axed" - classic UK press! Merlin was always planned as five year story arc %26 exits with 7million viewers x

@ RupertFYoung Spoiler alert:-Sir Leon leaves Camelot and starts a hugely successful restaurant chain in Brussels!!

@ eoincmacken For the ppl sad about Merlin,it's true this is the end of it, sorry about that...if I'd my way the knights would be flying superheroes ..

@ vlavla To those mourning the loss of Merlin from our screens, I guarantee the last 5 eps are something special. Proud to have been a part of it. X

@ HamillHimself I don't know about you but I always have to eat products w/my face on it- plus I had to make sure it wasnt decades old

@ neilhimself Happy 49th Birthday to Doctor Who. (And thank you all for being so kind about The Doctor's Wife. I hope you're even half as nice next time.)

@ johnnob58004412 Happy thanksgiving US dwellers. We're now filming the 2 hour finale. Very exciting.

@ BryanSinger Visiting Peter aka The King of New Zealand. Always a pleasure! #realmiddleearth #TheHobbit @TheHobbitMovie

Sat down in a theater at Fox and marathoned all the previous Xmen films with the gang. Quite a stroll down memory lane.

@ JamesGunn There are a lot of great zombie movies, but I think the scariest is Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

@ ElizabethBanks Happy day after Thanksgiving. So when does the next season of GAME OF THRONES start again? #secondcousinofdragons

@ llamasoft_ox These people asking for Kickstarter money have ALREADY MADE POTS OF MONEY. That they could use to make games with.

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw FAQ Answer: Wheaton's Law is "Don't Be A Dick." It was first said in my 2007 keynote address at #PAX Prime.

@ philfordesq Much as I applaud the end of sexism in the Imperial Stormtroopers, I do wonder about how pertly fashioned their breastplates are.

@ sutterink i just don't have the patience for assassin's creed. i like the assassin part, it's the creed that bores me.

@ radiomaru I feel like watching either Fight Club or Speed Racer (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World's parent movies?)

@ BuzzFeedAndrew Spiderman and Uncle Sam got intimate before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

@ jwrinzler Finally!! Sent final manuscript Making of ROTJ to publisher! Was able to add last interviews, including great one w/ ILMer Scott Farrar.

@ DamonLindelof Been there. Done that.

Jordan Farley
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