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Tweets Of The Week

Star Wars , Star Wars , Star Wars , Star Wars , Star Wars … And Neil Gaiman on his Doctor Who table read, all in the latest Tweets Of the Week

We’re surprised Twitter is still standing to be honest. For several hours last night if you had any hope of reading about anything other than Star Wars and/or Disney Twitter/the internet was not the place to be.

Everyone and their Wookiee had something to say, including two of the original trilogy’s stars (though in Carrie Fisher’s case we use the term “something to say” loosely):

@ HamillHimself Congratulations to George for today's mega-deal! Can't comment on Ep 7 before I have all the facts which are short supply right now-Patience

@ CarrieFFisher #starwars #carriefisher #thenewyoda

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof The reason I didn't tweet immediately is due to the heart attack I just had. Holy SHIT. #EpisodeVII

@ simonpegg To be fair, I was saying Lucasfilm was a Mickey Mouse outfit back in 1999.

Does this mean Leia is now a Disney princess? She'll have to go get her nails done with Ariel and lend Pocahontas her metal bikini. #fierce

@ alyankovic Got some inside information: Disney purchased LucasFilm primarily so that they could have the rights to the Ewok's "Yub Nub" song.

@ BryanFuller STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE?

@ SethMacFarlane RT @TuesdaySwimGuy : WAIT! Since Star Wars was sold to Disney, does that mean no more family guy usage of it? // Alas, I'd bet money on it.

@ Paul_Dini Star Wars 14: The Trademarks Strike Back: Luke, Han, Mickey, Kermit, Mater, and Spider-Man beat up some DC characters just cause they can.

Final reaction to Disney/LFL merger - Enh. When they start making toys like these, it's only a matter of time:

@ emmacaulfield I'm confused. There are only three SW movies right? The last one came out in 1983 I think. Ended with the FORCE kicking everyone's ass.

@ warrenellis Somewhere, someone is pitching Joss Whedon on "STAR WARS: Which Character Did You Love Best? That's The One I'm Killing"

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw OMG you know what the Disney purchase of Star Wars means? DANCING JAR JAR IN DISNEYLAND PARADES. We have to go back in time to fix this.

@ scalzi : Anyone who refers to the original Star Wars movie a "A New Hope" MUST BE PURIFIED BY FIRE. Just so you know. [A-fucking-men]

@ ZacharyLevi The only concern I have is if I get to play young Han Solo. For realsies people. This is do or die for me. #Ishotfirst

@ JamesGunn The good news is Star Wars is coming back! :) The bad news is, because of studio budget cuts, they're all gonna be found footage films. :(

@ grumpygamer The eight years I spent a Lucasfilm were some of the most fun and influential years of my life and I do want to thank George Lucas for that.

@ TimOfLegend Why is everyone obsessed with Disney buying Star Wars? We should be focusing on the REAL story right now: Disney buying Grim Fandango!!!

@ kyle_newman If you have concerns about this Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm you are crazy. This means movies AND a theme park. Relax and enjoy. In 3D.

@ mrmarkmillar Hamill, Fisher %26 Ford should be in this as they are in real life. The characters have aged. No biggie. I didn't mind Kenobi being 60.

@ neilhimself Tomorrow I go to my Dr Who Table read. On Friday I become Badger for a Story Museum photo. On Monday I see my wife in Vienna. I am grateful.

@ Mike_Dougherty Sam and @GroovyBruce Campbell finally face off. Dreams do come true.

@ Y_Strahovski sometimes, receipts smell like mushrooms

@ DamonLindelof Yes. And many believe that number to be "2." RT @b3av3r1 man u really did a number on that Prometheus script didnt ya? #plotholes

@ jarpad Here you go. What you've ALL been waiting for!!! Now, add your own quote...

@ simonpegg Old habits, die hard.

@ jonathansfrakes @GroovyBruce . I'm your biggest fan!!!

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw I am soooooo not blinking.

And there's more...

@ stevendeknight Not yet. But writers room up and running. RT @StaticInferno I'm still intrigued by #Incursion !!! Have you got the green light yet?

@ jumblejim Big casting news: I've been cast as a wooden-legged astronaut in another ALIEN sequel called PROSTHESEUS.

@ ManMadeMoon How f'ing prescient was PKD when he wrote "Man in the High Castle?" American cultural archaeology is a televised industry now!

@ mishacollins I find the new girl, @amandatapping very difficult to work with.

@ JeffWadlow Been trapped in an evil lair for the last two weeks... Send help! #KickAss2

@ MintzPlasse Just saw a bit of footage from KA2. Holy shit.

@ kateesackhoff Its hard to believe based on how we're dressed that @KarenGillan2 %26 I are in the same place! #Oculus #FishingHungover

@ GroovyBruce Hangin' with the great Stan Lee!

Felicia Day

@ feliciaday Me and @eddiemcclintock hanging!

@ WilliamShatner What a day! Star Trek has taken London by storm and I am humbled to have been but a small part of it. MBB

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