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Tweets Of The Week

Hashtags are like wishes – there’s too many of ‘em in the world, most are frivolous nonsense and very rarely do they come true, but in the case of the #CoulsonLives used by Clark Gregg fan accounts, not only did it come true, but the hashtag itself has been embraced by Marvel and actor Clark Gregg:

@ clarkgregg Sunrise over Manhattan on way to JFK. Racing back to LA to shoot @trustmemovie after one helluva #NYCC #coulsonlives

For those who are concerned Coulson's return won't be badass & work w @avengers - u are one silly damn rabbit @marvel #jossrules

What this almost certainly means is that Joss Whedon gets all his ideas from Twitter. Time to start Tweeting #MakeMoreFirefly?

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ChrisChibnall The Brian scene: written to be a DVD extra, not an alternate ending to Angels Take Manhattan. Not filmed due to actor availability clash.

@ GarethJenkins76 My Doctor Who Jim'll Fix It: if only I'd known who the real monster was to be turned into little green bits... # Savile # DoctorWho

@ ManMadeMoon Goldeneye is near perfect Bond... But for the love of the baby Jesus! Someone give it a new score!

@ pattonoswalt This is way more exciting than the edge-of-your-seat Senate scenes in ATTACK OF THE CLONES. # debate

@ DamonLindelof I have said before and will say again, @jonspaihts wrote a fantastic script, much of which was reflected in the movie.

@ MsJaimeMurray I just found out about the social phenomenom of larping. So weird, Ive basicllay been doing it for years. Professionally. #BornToLarp

@ EddieMcClintock A seventeen hour day. #WAREHOUSE13

@ simonpegg

@ rainnwilson Is it too late for them to make Galaxy Quest 2?

@ joe_hill Don't worry, when Felix Baumgartner gets closer to the ground, the Hulk will leap up the side of some buildings and catch him.

@ KarenGillan2 Just saw LOOPER at the cinema! Oh it was good...

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