Real World Golf swings again

Tuesday 13 June 2006
Real World Golf 2007, sequel to the first Gametrak-enabled golfing game, is heading to PS2 and PC later this year, giving owners of the direct-input device something else to play with. Just click on the image tab to see the first images, showing the sequel's new features - the Swing Trainer and Impact Analyser.

Gametrak's unique design means there is no need for a control pad. With the aid of a device on the floor, attached via cords to a pair of gloves, your movements are tracked as you perform a full-sized golf swing in front of your TV. This time around the Swing Trainer gives you lessons on performing a precise swing, while the Impact Analyser explains how the ball reacts when you strike it.

Above: The Swing Trainer at work, teaching you how to get the most from your clubage

There're a total of 15 courses to hack around, including the pride of the East Midlands, The Belfry. The game's developer has also improved the fairly hit-and-miss putting from the original Real World Golf, as well as beefing out career mode. We'll be hitting the links for a Real World Golf 2007 playtest soon. Before retiring to the 19th hole, no doubt.

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