NBA 2K23 player grinds for 700 hours, gets a tiny car and four badges

(Image credit: 2K)

An NBA 2K23 player was rewarded with a tiny in-game car after grinding for 700 hours.

Earlier this week, streamer Keystix became the first NBA 2K23 player to hit the Legend rank in-game, earning over 100,000 Points across multiple matches, and playing 500 games at the highest difficulty setting. For this herculean feat, which took a grand total of 700 hours to achieve, they were rewarded with a tiny in-game car that they can drive around and explore in-game areas in.

In all, it took the streamer a whopping 6,313 in-game matches of NBA 2K23's MyCareer mode to reach the prestigious Legend rank. This marks the very first time anyone has reached such a rank in the most recent NBA 2K game, since it only just launched earlier this year in October.

Aside from the car though, Keystix is rewarded with four total Badges for their MyCareer player. There's definitely an... interesting reaction from the streamer when the in-game rewards for the Legend rank are finally revealed in the clip above. Almost a muted reaction, it'd be fair to say.

In the comments section underneath the tweet from the NBA 2K Twitter account, players are sounding off on whether the grind was worth it. In fact, most seem to be of the opinion that the grind of 6,313 games over 700 hours definitely wasn't worth it for a tiny car and four Badges.

"All that grinding for +4 badges..." one Twitter user responded, while another one wrote "WORST REWARD I EVER SEEN." Someone even drew comparisons with the in-game vehicle to Homer Simpson's car in The Simpson's Hit & Run, and we don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

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