NBA Street Homecourt - hands-on

The series-defining Gamebreakers are also back and also tweaked. These moments used to be a show-stopping prize for the player who had built up enough style points, but were also a surefire way for that same player to heap on even more points while the other person watched helplessly. In Homecourt, either side can take advantage of a Gamebreaker. As the player with the ball shamelessly struts and taunts, they increase the amount of extra points they'll receive when they finally put the rock through the hoop. But if they get overconfident and lose control, their opponent - the one who didn't earn the Gamebreaker - can do the same thing and reap the same reward.

NBA Street Homecourt still wants to be your pick-up-and-play b-ball game; the developers don't expect these new features to overcomplicate matters. In fact, they were designed to make controlling the action more fun and fluid than ever before. You'll be able to judge for yourself when the game ships on Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 19.

Or judge now by watching our custom gameplay footage - it's located behind the Movies tab and labeled "NBA Street Homecourt - custom gameplay 01-19-2006."