Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Ghost Goes Hollywood
Spielberg’s Dreamworks is set to remake anime classic Ghost in the Shell as a live action 3D movie, according to Variety . "Ghost in the Shell is one of my favourite stories," says Spielberg. "It's a genre that has arrived, and we enthusiastically welcome it to DreamWorks." Yeah, and it has sexy female cyborgs.

More Lost Confirmed
ABC has confirmed that Lost will end this season on a two-hour finale, reports Sci Fi Wire

Children of Men Scripter Takes on Time Travel
The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that United Artists has bagged Children of Men scripter Timothy J Sexton to pen Timecrimes, an adaptation of Spanish-language film Los Cronocrimenes, a thriller about a man who travels back in time half an hour to prevent a serious crime

Galactica Boss Launches Another Ship
Fox TV has given the go-ahead to Virtuality a two-hour back-door pilot from Battlestar Galactica supremo Ronald D Moore, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The show is set onboard the Phaeton, Earth's first starship, on a 10-year voyage to explore a distant solar system, whose virtual reality system – designed to keep the crew occupied during the monotonous journey – goes on the blink. Hang on – wasn’t this every episode of Voyager?