• winner2 - May 3, 2013 4:55 p.m.

    Everything from saints onward on this list is almost certainly a day 1 buy for me except battlefield and south park. I'm sort of undecided on splinter cell because I know it'll be fun but I do miss the stealth and tone of double agent and earlier.
  • BladedFalcon - May 3, 2013 9:36 p.m.

    ...Double Agent was a boring piece of crap though...
  • winner2 - May 4, 2013 3:39 a.m.

    Ever heard of subjectivity?
  • BladedFalcon - May 4, 2013 5:40 a.m.

    Sure have. It's that beautiful thing that allows people to have discussions about things :P I mean, you have every right to love Double Agent, just like I have every right of hating it AND pointing that out. Specially when the so claimed "stealth" in that game mainly consists of waiting long boring moments in one spot to bypass enemies that aren't really smart at all, just placed in spots that make them a hassle. Sure, I guess even then it still counts a "stealth", but then again that doesn't automatically make it fun.
  • winner2 - May 4, 2013 6:06 a.m.

    Gonna go play it right now. Good memories are kicking in.
  • itsgoodtobetheking - May 3, 2013 4:12 p.m.

    Come on guys, no mention of Remember Me. I'm looking forward to that game.

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