Apex Legends Wattson: The leaked electro-hero may have been teased from the beginning


Another new Apex Legends character besides Octane may have been hiding in plain sight ever since the game launched. Remember that weird digital newspaper somebody flips open at the start of the intro cinematic? Blink and you'll miss it, but its front page includes a report about a new contender named Natalie Paquette. In-game leaks and datamines indicate that may be the proper name of a new Legend called Wattson.

Paquette's backstory is that she's the daughter of the late lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games. The newspaper report surmises that she will play "a much different game than the other Legends". Every character in Apex Legends plays under a competitive moniker (Lifeline's mother did not name her Lifeline… I think) and Paquette lines up nicely with the Wattson leaks. A Wattson logo shows up on several in-game weapon skins, so she may have adopted the company name as her own.

How the character will look and play remains much more of a mystery, especially compared to Octane whose entire ability list seemingly leaked. Rumor has it that she'll be able to drop a Tesla Coil in the world that will function as a trap, much like Caustic's gas bombs. However I'm having trouble pinning down the original data mine source for that information, so don't get too invested in the idea of a playing electro-sapper yet. I'd just keep that newspaper report about Paquette having a unique approach in mind for now.

Both Wattson and Octane appeared on several lists of seemingly leaked Legends name that surfaced last month. The lists tease at least 10 new characters in all, which I'll list here in case you want to follow along and see who (if any) get announced:

  • Crypto
  • Husaria
  • Jericho
  • Nomad
  • Octane
  • Prophet
  • Rampart
  • Rosie
  • Skunner
  • Wattson

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