Apex Legends' next character could be Crypto, and we've seen him before

Apex Legends season 2 is just around the corner, starting July 2 and introducing us to Apex Legends' Wattson. In the end-of-season lead-up event going on right now, players have been fascinated by the Apex Legends flyers (or dragons, or aliens, or whatever you want to call them) that have been ferrying loot boxes through the skies. But dataminers already have their sights set on the next Legend, and the rumor mill has landed on Crypto (no relation to Bitcoin) being the next character added to the game - who's been hiding in plain sight ever since the battle royale FPS first launched.

Back in March, we got the jackpot of Apex Legends leaked characters, including designs for Season 1's Legend Octane and Season 2's Wattson that proved to be spot-on. Among the other character designs was Crypto, a dreadlocked guy who had been spotted before by some eagle-eyed fans. You can see a Crypto poster in the background of the official wallpaper art for Pathfinder, created by artist 2buiArt. In the foreground, Pathfinder imagines being a champion; in the background, you can see Crypto on a colossal sign with the Hangul words for Talchum, a Korean dance performed while wearing masks like the one on the poster.

A collaborative deep-dive into files, code, and lore by Redditor FrozenFroh and Twitter user That1MiningGuy explains how Crypto could be the one letting these flyers breach the barrier around Kings Canyon. A script line for "crypto_laptop_tease" comes with coordinates for an out-of-the-way area near the Repulsor zone on the Apex Legends map. The pair also propose that the sword hilt seen at the tip of the Apex Legends season 2 logo flanked by Wattson's Tesla coils could be the same sword on Crypto's back. Just as the appearance of flyers in the sky has capped off Season 1, a massive hack by Crypto could be the grand finale of Season 2.

YouTuber Staycation riffed on the datamined leaks with some of his own theories, like the concept of Crypto being a villainous hero like Caustic as a counter to the noble Wattson. Staycation agrees with the prediction that Crypto will hack into the Repulsor tower, bringing it down and opening up Kings Canyon to all manner of alien creatures. Again, this is all speculation, but it's fun to hear Staycation's concept for Crypto's big debut in Apex Legends.

Time will tell if these Crypto leaks turn out to be true, but the Apex Legends community is a crafty bunch, and it seems like Respawn can't sneak anything by its most dedicated dataminers. If Crypto's inclusion turns out to be true, that leaked list of Legends could very well double as a roadmap for all the characters to come.

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