Apex Legends Nessy locations: How to make the Loch Ness Monster appear in Apex Legends

If you want to meet a mythical creature, then you need to know where all the Apex Legends Nessy locations are. If you haven't heard about it already, then there's a seriously impressive Easter egg tucked away in Kings Canyon, but you're going to need skill and coordination if you want to see it. To summon up Nessy, aka the Loch Ness Monster, there are a series of hidden Nessy soft toys that you need to shoot in a specific order which was discovered by the Apex Legends community. Because the Apex Legends Nessy locations are spread out around the map, you'll most likely need teamwork to shoot all 10 of them between you, so here's everything you need to know to hunt them down.

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Where to find all of the Nessy locations in Apex Legends

There are 10 Apex Legends Nessy locations to find, and they all need to be shot in a specific order. We've got the complete map for all of the Nessy locations in Apex Legends right here.

Apex Legends Nessy location #1

The very first Nessy location in Apex Legends is in the northern part of Cascades. Head to the respawn station then look for a small pond just north, where you'll find the small green monster.

Apex Legends Nessy location #2

Go to the respawn station east of Skull Town, and you'll find the second one in the pond of water north of the unit, next to a rock.

Apex Legends Nessy location #3

In the west part of Slum Lakes, the third Nessy is under the bridge made out of pipes.

Apex Legends Nessy location #4

On a lily pad in the waterfall pool in the north-west corner of Relay.

Apex Legends Nessy location #5

In the Water Treatment area, the fifth Nessy is in the third containment vat from the left, on the right-hand side against the wall.

Apex Legends Nessy location #6

In the south-west corner of the pool by the respawn station east of Runoff and south of The Pit.

Apex Legends Nessy location #7

Go to the waterfall east of Wetlands and you'll find the seventh at the bottom. Make sure you shoot it from the top and don't fall off.

Apex Legends Nessy location #8

In the corner of a small shack east of Hydro Dam, right next to the respawn station.

Apex Legends Nessy location #9

In a small water pool by a shack south of Bunker, next to the river.

Apex Legends Nessy location #10

On the far eastern side of Swamps, the last Nessy is against a rock by the edge of the map.

When your squad shoots all of the Nessies in that order, look to the water east of Swamps and you'll see the gigantic Loch Ness Monster rise up. We'd recommend segregating the Nessies per player. For example, send one player to shoot the first, third, sixth and ninth Nessies, another to get the second, fifth and eighth, while the final player goes for the fourth, seventh and tenth. Note that each Nessy won't appear until you've shot the one before it, which is why it needs to be in the specific order. 

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