Apex Legends cross-play is coming, Respawn confirms


We've had our hands on the game for a while now, and eventually Apex Legends cross-play will be possible, Respawn has confirmed. Fortnite battle royale has had cross-play since last year, and with the immense success Apex Legends has had, players want to be able to play with their friends on other platforms. They've said that it's coming so sit tight - we've got all the details on Apex Legends cross-play that you need.

In addition, Respawn's Lead Producer Drew McCoy confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer that Apex Legends cross-play for Apex Legends is in the works, saying that the developer "plans to allow players to play with their friends on other platforms" at some point in the future. 

The game is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but players on each platform cannot squad up together, while other battle royale titles like Fortnite feature full cross-play between multiple platforms, including mobile. 

And while Apex Legends hopes to offer the same kind of thing further down the line, McCoy stopped short of promising any kind of cross-progression or cross-purchase to arrive with it, "due to the way systems were set up early on" which "can't [be] reconciled after the fact."

In the same interview, Respawn also revealed that - contrary to rumour - Titanfall 3 is not currently in development, as Apex Legends has been eating up the Titanfall team's time, which also happens to be a game set in the same universe. It's a small price to pay for a battle royale game that's already received near universal adulation, and has already racked over a million unique players. 

It's surprisingly difficult to find the Apex Legends download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One right now, so find out how to start playing right now by following the link for help. 

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