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Apex Legends crossplay: How to play with friends on all platforms

It took a while for Apex Legends crossplay to be added to the game, but it's finally here after many requests and a lot of patience from the community. Now that Apex Legends is on Nintendo Switch too, that's another platform added into the mix that can play together, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. We've got all the details on how Apex Legends crossplay works, including the lowdown on cross progression.

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How to enable Apex Legends crossplay

As explained above, yes, Apex Legends crossplay is now a thing. You can play with friends no matter what platform they're on; Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC. You can add friends on other platforms by opening up the friends menu when you're on the lobby screen, then typing in their in-game name in the "Find Friends" section. This will search for anyone with that username – just select your friend on the correct platform.

Apex Legends crossplay won't come into effect if you're playing by yourself though. If you're on PC, you won't be matched up against console players if you're solo, and if you're on console, you won't play against PC players. With that said, if you want to turn crossplay off so the option isn't even there, you can toggle it in the settings.

How to turn off crossplay on Apex Legends

Alternatively, you may want to turn crossplay off on Apex Legends, especially if you're playing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, and you don't want to come up against PC players. In order to do that, you simply need to go to the settings cog in the bottom right-hand corner of the lobby screen, then look for the crossplay option. It's that simple!

Unfortunately, PC players do not have the option to disable crossplay, so you're out of luck if you want to avoid console foes for whatever reason.

Does Apex Legends have cross-progression?

Unfortunately not. If you play Apex Legends on a different platform to your main one, your progress will not carry over, so you'll need to start earning skins and levelling up your account again.

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