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Apex Legends challenges guide: All the Season 5 battle pass challenges and how to complete them

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Apex Legends battle pass challenges differ from other games such as Fortnite, as rather than having a standardised list every player has their own set of tasks to complete, meaning no two Apex Legends (opens in new tab) players will have the same selection of challenges to complete. This does mean it's impossible to write a specific guide for all of the available challenges, however that shouldn't stop you from taking them on as there's plenty of rewards to be earned during the season. Here's everything you need to know about challenges in Apex Legends, and how the Apex Legends battle pass challenges work.

Battle pass challenges are dependent on what map you’re on. For example, in more recent seasons a lot of the challenges have been specified for the World's Edge map. As we move between Kings Canyon and World's Edge, the challenges available will vary depending on the current location.

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Apex Legends battle pass challenges

Apex Legends battle pass challenges

(Image credit: EA)

As I explained in the intro, the Apex Legends battle pass challenges are completely different to the Fortnite ones because they are impossible to search for online. While my challenges for week one involve looting five care packages and finishing in the top three as Bloodhound, Lifeline or Wraith, my colleague needs to create 20 decoys as Mirage and deal 200 damage in Skull Town. So it's essentially down to you to complete them, though it does also make it likely there won't be anything more complex coming in the future.

As part of the Apex Legends battle pass challenges, there's also three daily challenges that players can tackle. These are even more basic and again, completely random for everyone so there shouldn't be anything too difficult to complete. On top of those, there's weekly recurring challenges which means these are the same three challenges each week; earn 9,000 XP, complete five daily challenges, and complete 10 daily challenges. Completing these will reward you with three battle pass levels in total, on top of all the other challenge rewards throughout the week.

It's a little underwhelming once again - underwhelming seems to be the theme for Apex Legends' battle passes - but at least there's challenges to complete this time. Just make sure you don't hit the Leviathans stomping across King's Canyon!

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