Apex Legends battle pass - everything we know about the battle pass for Apex Legends


Respawn Entertainment will be officially launching the Apex Legends battle pass in March. While details are still fairly light on the ground, we are slowly starting to get a better idea of what Apex Legends Season 1 is going to look like when it begins in just a few short weeks. This is not only thanks to the release of the Apex Legends roadmap – in which Respawn lay out a comprehensive overview of what new content will be coming to the game over the next year – but because a few dedicated community members have gone snooping through the game's code and unearthed some juicy information. Still, we've got everything you need to know about the Apex Legends battle pass right here. 

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Apex Legends roadmap

When Apex Legends launched at the start of February, Respawn revealed its year one roadmap for the game. It confirms that Apex Legends season one will begin in March, which is when the first battle pass will be available. The exact date is unconfirmed, but March 1 is a Friday which would be a great time to kick off the inaugural season.

Every season in Apex Legends will last for three months, which means that season one will end in June. Every new season is confirmed to introduce new weapons, legends, and loot, along with a new battle pass each time. Respawn has clearly taken a leaf out of Epic's book, because there will be a constant slew of content throughout 2019.

What will the Apex Legends battle pass contain?

Just like in other battle royale games, the Apex Legends battle pass will have a wide range of cosmetic items. From weapon and legend skins to character quips and banner poses, we're expecting all the cosmetic types in the game to feature in the battle pass. There will also be Apex Packs offered as rewards, for a chance to earn even more cosmetics.

The one thing that you won't be able to obtain from the Apex Legends battle pass is new Legends. They're the characters themselves, and as of right now you can spend Apex Coins or Legend Tokens on unlocking Caustic and Mirage. More Legends will be coming to the game, but not via the battle pass.

How much will the Apex Legends battle pass cost?

We are yet to discover exactly how much the Apex Legends battle pass is going to cost, largely because Respawn is keeping its mouths shut on that front. Still, a few dedicated dataminers have been shifting through the game's files and believe they have uncovered some new details. These confirm what we had already suspected, that there will be a free Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass and a premium variant, a Diamond Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass. 

Given how closely Apex Legends has modelled itself on other battle royale games on the market, we'd expect it to cost no more than $15/£15 at a maximum. Still, regardless of how much it costs, Respawn has teased that the Battle Pass will contain "around 100 different rewards" across each season, so there shouldn't be any complaints about getting our money's worth from it. 

Will there be weekly  Apex Legends battle pass challenges?

We've had no word on weekly challenges in Apex Legends yet, but if they're following the same format as the other major battle royale games then expect to see some form of challenges implemented in season one. Whether these will be wild and wacky like the Fortnite challenges sometimes can be, or simple ones that you don't need to go out of your way to do, we're not sure. We definitely want challenges to keep the game feeling fresh though!

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