Apex Legends heirlooms: What are heirlooms in Apex Legends and how do you get them?

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At the start of the game, before the heirloom store was introduced Apex Legends heirlooms were one of those myths that you heard other players talking about, but you weren't sure if they actually existed. We can confirm that they are indeed a thing, but the chances of obtaining one heirloom set in Apex Legends, let alone all of them, is incredibly slim. Don't worry though; they won't help you win games, but they will let you win with style. Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends heirlooms, heirloom shards, and the heirloom store.

What are Apex Legends heirlooms and heirloom shards?

Apex Legends heirlooms are just cosmetics. They will not give you any in-game advantage. They are, however, incredibly rare and hard to attain, which makes them highly sought after. We can see why; heirlooms are unique per character and there is only one set for each character, though not every legend in the game has an heirloom set.

You mostly get heirlooms through luck though, unfortunately. They can only be obtained through Apex Crates, with just a one in 500 chance of getting a set of 150 heirloom shards. With these shards, you can then buy whichever heirloom set you want from the in-game heirloom store. Thankfully though, if you open 499 Apex Crates without getting a single heirloom, the next crate you open is guaranteed to have an heirloom set inside.

You can also obtain an heirloom set during specific collection events. These are when a new heirloom set is added to the game; if you collect all 24 items during the event, you'll unlock that specific heirloom set. If you miss an event, well, you've gotta cross your fingers for some heirloom shards.

When heirlooms were initially released at the start of the game, heirloom shards weren't a thing; Wraith was the only character with an heirloom set and you were simply guaranteed to get her heirloom set within 500 Apex Crates.

Apex Legends heirlooms list

Below are all the heirloom sets in the game for each character, as of March 2021.

Bangalore heirlooms

  • Banner Pose: No Gun, No Problem
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Cold Steel
  • Intro Quip: "Hope you're not afraid to get your hands dirty."

Bloodhound heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: Glory Hound
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Raven's Bite
  • Intro Quip: "I honor those who've risen, not those who've fallen."

Caustic heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: Hammer Time
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Death Hammer
  • Intro Quip: "I look forward to getting my hands on you."

Gibraltar heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: Like a Rock
  • Melee Weapon Skin: War Club
  • Intro Quip: "When this is over, they'll all know the name Gibraltar."

Lifeline heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: Shock Sticks
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Shock Sticks
  • Intro Quip: "Check yo self - or wreck yo self."

Mirage heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: You Really Love Me
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Too Much Witt
  • Intro Quip: "Excited to see you all in the ring. Don't worry, there's plenty of 'mes' to go around."

Octane heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: Spin and Flick
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Butterfly Knife
  • Intro Quip: "Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast."

Pathfinder heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: Lights Out
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Boxing Gloves
  • Intro Quip: "Did you see how great I was? I did all kinds of really amazing moves... are you listening?"

Wraith heirlooms

Apex Legends heirlooms

(Image credit: EA)
  • Banner Pose: Fearless
  • Melee Weapon Skin: Kunai
  • Intro Quip: "You know what I look like - come find me."

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