Apex Legends Loot Tick locations: Where to find the robots filled with loot in Apex Legends

You might have seen Apex Legends Loot Ticks while battling it out across Kings Canyon, although the name may not necessarily be familiar at first. These are the little robots with a tetrahedral body and stubby legs, which have a purple or gold glow and look exactly the same as the Apex Crates you open up in the menu. Smashing one open in Apex Legends will spill the contents hidden inside, revealing some handy loot to add to your arsenal. They're not the easiest things to spot, so follow our tips to finding the Apex Legends Loot Tick locations and improved gear can be yours.

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How to find Loot Ticks in Apex Legends

Unfortunately, Loot Ticks don't have guaranteed spawn locations in every single game. They're very similar to Fortnite llamas, in that their spawn location is random each game. The thing is though, they can only spawn in certain types of location, rather than absolutely anywhere on the map.

Loot Ticks enjoy buildings. It doesn't seem possible to find one out in the open in a natural environment; instead, they tend to only be found in and around built up areas. That doesn't narrow it down much though.

Popular places to find these cheeky buggers is underneath staircases, on top of stacked boxes, and cowering on roofs. They're easy to spot because they glow brightly with the highest tier of loot they have inside them; purple for epic or gold for legendary. If you're lucky, you could even get a full kitted out gold weapon!

To help you pinpoint their exact location, listen out for the sounds they make too. You'll hear some robotic churns and grunts when one is close by, so you can hunt it down and punch it in the face. We've found multiple Loot Ticks around Bunker, Skull Town, and Cascades, so those could be good places to start. We've even found one clinging to the wall of The Pit, like a spider bot.

While you're at it, follow our Apex Legends high level loot guide to help you start the game with better gear.

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