Fortnite Battle Royale Llama locations guide

Fortnite Battle Royale Llama location video guide above

Llamas that contain a HUGE amount of building materials and supplies have been added in Fortnite Battle Royale version 3.3, however they’re extremely rare. Only three of them are created per match, but we’re going to show you all 14 known locations so far to give you a better chance of finding one. Before we start, we need to do some myth busting:

The three Llamas spawn in at the beginning of the match, and they don’t get flown in like supply drops - they just exist right from the start. They don’t exclusively appear near the edge of the storm, and they can be anywhere - the one we found wasn’t anywhere near the storm. Also, their placement seems completely random, and they don’t replace bushes or any other existing in-game furniture on the island.

Once you find a Llama, you open it in the same way you would with a chest, to receive 500 Wood, Stone, and Metal, 10 stacks of each Ammo type, 3 Traps plus consumables such as Chug Jugs, Bandages, Shield Potions etc. Quite the haul! We've got the 14 known locations so far in our video at the top of this article, plus we've marked them on the map below and listed them all underneath.

  • West of Fatal Fields (8F)
  • East of Retail Row (I6) - north of the triangle of trees
  • South of Greasy Grove (C7)
  • South of Tilted Towers (D6) - on the far eastern side near the border with E6
  • South of the Prison (H5) 
  • North of Fatal Fields (F7) - on the border between F8 and F7
  • South of Salty Springs (F7) - on the border between F7 and F8
  • East of Retail Row (I6) - southeast of the triangle of trees
  • North of Loot lake (E4) - in the northwest corner
  • Pleasant Park (C4) - outside a house on the border between C3 and C4
  • East of Salty Springs (G7) - in the southeast corner between G7 and H7
  • East of Anarchy Acres (G3) - far north of the grid above the bridge
  • South of Moisty Mire (I9) - directly under the ‘I’ of Mire
  • East of Retail Row (I6) - seems like the best place so far as there are two potential spawn locations here

So that’s all 14 known locations so far, let us know if you’ve found any others in the comments. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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