Apex Legends map guide: The best places to drop in Kings Canyon and World's Edge

Apex Legends Kings Canyon

Knowing the Apex Legends map well is key to your success in the battle royale, as is picking the right place to drop at the start of each match. Select a good location to land on the Apex Legends map and you'll be able to round up some decent loot before you have to think about fighting any opponents, whereas if you choose poorly you'll find yourself duking it out for scraps while better prepared players pick you off. Understanding the lay of the the land also helps you plan where to head next so you're not just running around aimlessly, which is why our Apex Legends map guide covers the best locations in both Kings Canyon and World's Edge.

Not sure what's going on? Then here's a quick catch up: Apex Legends is a battle royale set in the Titanfall universe which originally launched after mere days of fanfare. As with most battle royale games, the concept is familiar: fight to be the last person/team alive and be crowned Champion, as the safe area of the map continuously shrinks, which is why this Apex Legends map guide will be extremely useful. We'll cover Kings Canyon below, with World's Edge following on the next page.

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Apex Legends map - Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon: Relay

Situated in the north-east corner of the map, Relay often tends to have solid loot and unless the dropship starts right above it, there's not usually many players there either. Having space to pick up new weapons and learn what everything does is key, and the easiest way to do that is, you know, while you're not being shot at.

Kings Canyon: Artillery

Found due west of Relay, Artillery is a spot with two huge hangars and numerous open buildings full of loot. Since it's so close to the edge of the map it's rarely populated, despite there being more than enough loot for multiple teams. Branching out to the west is a tunnel with supply bins lining the sides, while the front gate opens up to a natural environment, again with multiple supply bins. Artillery could be one of our favourite drops, because there's so much to find.

Kings Canyon: Supply Ship

At the start of the game, there's a mobile supply ship making its way onto the map. You can see where it's going to land and set up shop, and this is a location that guarantees high tier loot every single time. Of course, this also means it's a popular drop, especially if it's close to the path of the dropship. Go here for an intense fight to kick off the match.

Kings Canyon: Hydro Dam

Hydro Dam is a huge area that tends to be a popular spot for a lot of players, since it's got a lot of connections to nearby locations. Land here for some quick kills, although if you're trying to avoid players it's completely possible to loot up at one side without seeing another team on the other. If you're crossing through Hydro Dam later on in the game, watch out for any players camping in corners because there are some tight angles here with sight lines that go for miles.

Kings Canyon: Hot Zone

In every single game, a random location on the map will become a designated Hot Zone, indicated by a blue marker. This means that in that area, there will be much higher quality loot and there's even a chance of finding a fully kitted out weapon. Of course, much like the supply ship, this means it's an incredibly popular landing spot. You can find some incredible stuff here, but be prepared to fight.

Kings Canyon: Market

Market is a very centralised location on the Apex Legends map, but it's also one of the best to land at. You may have another team to contest with but as long as you get inside the indoor market quickly, there's usually a lot of loot to find. Fighting inside is tactical, because the two rooms on either side are separated by a large open area in the middle. Caustic is a great legend to use here because he can deploy gas traps in both of the rooms. When you're done, there's a huge cave nearby that has about five supply bins inside, or you can go outside to the nearby cluster of houses.

Kings Canyon: Bunker

The Bunker doesn't always have a lot of loot - you'll probably need to loot outside either end to get fully kitted out - but it allows for some incredible plays early on. It's essentially one long corridor with rooms on both sides, so players with shotguns and SMGs can shine here. Throw grenades and thermite, wait around corners for unsuspecting enemies and this is a great place to pick up some early kills.

Continue to page 2 of our Apex Legends map guide for the lowdown on World's Edge.

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